Send Us A Wedding Gift!

Hi everyone! Roz here again. I just wanted to welcome you to my Funding Log/Wedding Blog. We not only appreciate your business but we also appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and support our wedding dreams. So, thank you in advance for your generous gift to make our Big Day extra special. We love that you love to love us!


We like to be totally up-front about, well, everything; so, here’s our our thermometer of wedding budget goals:


This is our current standing after starting Part-E-Bots… not so glamorous but hopefully we can recoup that initial investment over the next year. We plan to save where we can by making as much as we can for the wedding, beyond just the photo booth.

I’m sewing my own dress:

(In white though, of course) and crocheting flowers for bouquets and decorations:

Only 100,000 more to go! Dom is working on invitations:

Ok, that picture is a joke but he seriously wants us to make our own. Not having a graphic design bone between us, this idea makes me cringe a little, but a little cringe may be better than sinking $400+ into paper goods. Yikes!


Well friends, all that is to say: You can help prevent my wedding DIY from turning into a D-I-Why-Are-You-Doing-This-To-Yourself. By clicking the button below you can send us a few bucks that would be tremendously appreciated. If you’d like to follow along with our wedding adventures, I’ll be keeping a journal on this page of the wedding plans. If you would like to send us some friendly advice (such as, how to get invitations that don’t cost a fortune but also don’t look like they came from Party City) please, do that too! Just shoot us an email at Thanks again for all your love and support! -Roz